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BioGear WM

Saturated ester based biodegradable lubricant for gearboxes in windmills

BioGear WM is a premium synthetic biodegradable gear oil designed to provide exceptional anti-wear/extreme pressure (AW/EP) protection and corrosion control under the most adverse conditions. The product is specially formulated for lubricating wind turbine gearboxes for effective operation and long service life. It has a high viscosity index that minimizes changes in viscosity at elevated temperatures, while ensuring good low temperature fluidity of the lubricant for cold temperature operation. It also offers good micropitting resistance and high scuffing load. Due to its saturated ester base  biodegradable composition it is environmental friendly and good for use in sensitive areas such as at open sea.


  • Protects against micropitting and scuffing of gear teeth and provides extended bearing life under extreme conditions
  • Withstands oxidative and thermal breakdown at elevated temperatures to increase time between drain intervals, saving time and labor
  • High quality synthetic base stocks with high VI ensure good lubricant film thickness over a broad temperature range
  • Low temperature fluidity ensures smooth cold temperature starts
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Excellent air release properties
  • Excellent compatibility with seals and coatings
  WMX 320
Density @ 15 °C kg/m3 1.01
Viscosity @ 40 °C, cSt 320
Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt 37-38
Viscosity index 145
Pour point, °C -33
Flash point, °C 270
Rust procedure ISO 7120 pass
Rust procedure salt water ISO 7120 pass
FZG micropitting FVA 54/7 at 90ºC >10
FZG scuffing test DIN ISO 14635-1 >12
FE-8 DIN 51819-3 weight roller loss <5 mg
Copper corrosion ISO 2160 (3 hrs at 100ºC) 1a


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