The metalworking industry faces challenges such as the need for zero defects in metal component manufacturing, increased productivity with shorter cycle times, a commitment to reducing production costs, and a focus on operator health and environmental preservation. TotalEnergies Lubricants has developed a range of innovative machining fluids that meet these strict specifications and can help you increase competitiveness by ensuring high-quality machining while reducing production costs. Our products are designed to meet all technological and regulatory requirements, including high levels of lubricant stability, very low foaming, high safety standards for products that require direct operator contact, and unlabeled products with a slight odor and no VOC emissions. Our fluids have been formulated through testing on instrumented machine tools to optimize machining performance and minimize energy consumption and tool wear, helping to extend the service life of your tools.

Water soluble coolant

  • Mineral based
  • Synthetic based
  • Micro emulsions
  • Boron & Amine free product

Neat oils

  • Cold & Hot forging products
  • Quenching fluids
  • Drawing & Stamping fluids
  • Rust preventatives
  • DIN 51506 VDL

Maintenance lubricants

  • Slide Way lubricants
  • High speed spindle greases
  • Spindle Lubricants
  • Additives & Cleaners