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Vacuum Pump Oils

Whether you are looking for a lubricant for standard vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps or a lubricant for a diffuser pump. The Mercury Oils And Lubricants range of vacuum pump fluids range will contain the product you are looking for.



Synthetic di-ester based vacuum pump lubricants

SYNVAC DE  Special is a combination of high-grade synthetic ester base fluids and specially engineered additive systems. They are used successfully for the long-term lubrication all kinds of mechanical vacuum pumps, such as screw, rotary vane or reciprocating (piston type), roots (lobe), claw etc. vacuum pumps.
SYNVAC DE Special synthetic vacuum pump lubricants can be used successfully in presence of the following gases, such as: Air, Butadiene, Carbon Dioxide (dry), Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene, Furnace (crack) Gas, Helium, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulphide (dry), Natural Gas, Methane, Nitrogen, Propane, Oxigen, Synthesis Gas, Sulphur Hexafluoride etc.
The nominal operating range is –15°C to 230°C. Synvac DE Special series synthetic vacuum pump lubricants offer high performance protection of vacuum pumps operating under extreme conditions: high load and temperatures, compressing reactive and dirty gases, intermittent operation, in warm or cold climates and in mobile applications.


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