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High Temperature Chain Lubricants

Mercury offers a wide range of high temperature chain  lubricants They all have the ability not to create residues in the chain links at operating temperatures above 140 °C is important for the performance of the chain. Using a lubricant which is not suitable for high temperatures will result in residues in the vital parts of the chains.


Chainlube FG Rvn no : 1

High temperature food grade chain oil

Chainlube FG is based on highly polar biodegradable ester base oil and is inhibited against oxidation to give a long wet film life at high temperatures. The highly polar molecules strongly adhere to the surface and withstand high temperatures, at the same time separating the moving parts due to its highly viscous lubricating film maintained at these high temperatures.

Chainlube FG is designed for the lubrication of conveyor chains and bearings running continuously at high temperatures, up to 280°C, and short periods up to 300 °C, on textile stenters, drying machines, bakery ovens and on paint stove chains Chainlube FG possesses outstanding anti wear capacity and will reduce wear on chains significantly like no other.


  • Long fluid life at high temperatures, which provides maximum lubricant economy
  • Does not form hard carbon deposits
  • Good load and anti-wear properties
  • Miscible with most ester based fluids
  • Highly polarised molecules providing excellent lubricity
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Peak temperature of 300 °C

Typical performance data

  Test method HT-X HT-X 220
Appearance   Clear liquid
Density @ 20 °C, g/ml   0.940 0.940
Viscosity @ 40 °C, cSt ASTM D445 135-165 200-240
Viscosity Index   185 180
Flash point, °C ASTM D92 275 >285
Pour point, °C ASTM D92 -32 -32
Auto ignition temperature, °C ASTM D2155-66 >350 >360
Weight loss after 1 hr. @ 250 °C, % NOACK <2.0 <1.8
4-ball wear test
·     Welding load, kg
·     Wear scar diam, 40 kg, 1 hr, mm
IP239 >200
Working temperatures, °C   -10 – 280 -10 – 290


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