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High Temperature Chain Lubricants

Mercury offers a wide range of high temperature chain  lubricants They all have the ability not to create residues in the chain links at operating temperatures above 140 °C is important for the performance of the chain. Using a lubricant which is not suitable for high temperatures will result in residues in the vital parts of the chains.


Chainlube CLE Rvn no : 1

Synthetic high temperature conveyor and chain fluid for painting conveyors

Chainlube CLE is a fully synthetic premium performance lubricant based on PAG (Polyalkylene glycol) base oils which are compatible with water-based paints and coatings. This conveyor oil is specially designed to lubricate conveyors chains and open trolley wheel bearings operated under very high temperatures. Chainlube CL is designed for service including cathodic electrodeposition (e-coat) processes. Chainlube CLE is a clear fluid which at a temperature of approximately 290 C tends to volatilize without leaving carbon deposits.

Chainlube CL is NOT compatible with mineral (petroleum) and PAO based lubricants


  • Chain and open trolley bearings where compatibility with waterbased paints and coatings is critical
  • Automotive production lines
  • All types of chains working between 150 and 220 ºC
  • Rollers of CPM pellet presses

Typical performance data

  CLE 220
Density @ 20 ºC, g/ml 1.040
Viscosity @ 40 ºC, cSt 220
Viscosity Index 230
Flash point, ºC 302
Pour point, ºC -35
Rust Test Pass
4-ball wear test, wear scar diameter– 40 kg, 75ºC, 1200 rpm 1hr 0,25


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