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Heat Transfer Fluids


Syntherm Rvn no : 1

Organic based heat transfer fluid

Syntherm is a synthetic organic transfer fluid intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. It can be used in non-pressurized or indirect systems. The product offers excellent seal compatibility and its excellent thermal and oxidation stability provide long service life and clean heat exchanger systems.
Syntherm is recommended for use in heat transfer systems where fuel oil, gas, or electricity is used to heat a fluid, which then transfers the heat to the point of application. In closed or open systems,
Syntherm fluid has an optimum maximum use temperature of 330 °C. The oil surface in contact with air in open systems should not exceed 125 °C.

  • Excellent thermal efficiency and stability
  • Extended fluid life
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
  • Does not build sludge or deposits
  • Good rust and corrosion protection
  • Ease of pumping and circulation
  • Reduced consumption

Typical performance data

Density @ 20 ºC, gr/ml 0.87
Density @ 100 ºC, gr/ml 0.82
Viscosity @ 40 ºC, cSt 14-23
Flash point, ºC 185
Pour point, ºC -40
Fire point, ºC 210
Conradson residue, % 0.05
Thermal conductivity @ 40 °C, W/m.K 0.130
Specific heat @ 20 °C, kCal/kg 0.45
Coefficient of thermal expansion, per °C 0.00073


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