mercury oils

Water Soluble Metalworking Fluids

In today’s high technology production facilities coolants play a key role and are a vital part of the production process. Mercury extensive  range of soluble metal working fluids provides a number of long lasting operational benefits. These include:

Reduce coolant use: Our soluble metalworking fluids are formulated by using the latest technology and raw materials resulting in a reduced consumption of coolants (drag out). This indirect saving contributes to an overall economical operation
Health, safety and environmental commitments: Our formulations allow users to reach their goals in the light of these issues
Trouble free operation: The latest technology and materials used in our products warrant trouble free operation which will increase your productivity and overall performance
Longer tool life: Outstanding EP properties will increase tool life and contribute to lower operational costs


Sol Plus ME Rvn no : 1

Grinding and general machining soluble lubricant

mercury Sol Plus ME is a soluble metalworking fluid which forms very stable emulsions when mixed with water. Thanks to the special formulation the product possesses a great biological resistance and improved performance. mercury Sol Plus ME is a biostatic product containing EP properties enhancing longer fluid life and reducing maintenance costs. Use of the fluid is safe for workers and
protects the machine from rust and other negative side effects.

mercury Sol Plus ME is suitable for a wide variety of machining operations on all grades of steel, titanium, aluminium and aeronautic metals.
The product is both suitable for centralized systems and independent machines.


  • High anticorrosive properties
  • Good cooling
  • Excellent service life
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Good EP properties
  • Does not form sticky deposits on machine surface
  • Economical in use
  • High performance

Typical performance data - Neat

Appearance Amber liquid
Specific gravity @ 20 ºC, g/cm3 0,96
Sodium nitrite content Free

Typical Performance Data – 5% emulsion (in tap water 15 HF)

Appearance Slightly translucent
pH 9,1
Corrosion test, IP-287 No corrosion
Copper corrosion Nil
Aluminium corrosion Nil


mercury Sol Plus ME is easy to mix. Simply pour the concentrate into water at the appropriate solution and mix. Hardness of water should be between 50 ppm and 400 ppm and chloride content should not exceed 0,1 gr/lt. The product is recommended to use between 5 to 6% depending on severity of application. For severe machining use between 6 to 8%.


Soluble oils are susceptible to frost damage. Store containers indoors to protect extremes of temperature.

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