mercury oils

Neat or Pure Metalworking Fluids

Mercury has an extensive range of neat metal working oils utilizing the very latest additive technology leading to increased efficiency, improved surface finishing and reduced consumption.


Quenchol S2 S3 S4 Rvn no : 1

Quenching fluid

Quenchol S2 S3 S4 fluids have been developed for heat treatment of ferrous metals in a wide variety of quenching operations.
The fluid is formulated with carefully selected additives to achieve enhanced oxidation resistance and faster cooling rate.

  • Controlled cooling rate to minimize cracking
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Increased flash point
  • Good surface finish

With Quenchol S2 S3 S4 products you can achieve excellent mechanical characteristics in steels and avoid heterogeneous hardness. It is recommended for conventional and fast quenching of all kind of steels that require good core harness.

  S2 RV S3 RV S4 RV
Colour Colourless liquid
Density @ 20 °C, gr/cm3 0.87 0.87 0.87
Viscosity @ 40 °C, cSt 15 26 86
Flash point, °C 175 200 230
Pour point, °C -10 -8 -10
Specific heat, cal/gr 0.49 0.5 0.49
Cooling rate @ 40 ºC ,ºC/sec 90-100 85-95 85-100
Working temperature, ºC 20 – 80 30 – 80 40-80


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