mercury oils

Neat or Pure Metalworking Fluids

Mercury has an extensive range of neat metal working oils utilizing the very latest additive technology leading to increased efficiency, improved surface finishing and reduced consumption.


Mp Uni Oil Rvn no : 1

Penetrating multi-purpose universal oil

Mp Uni Oil is a multifunctional light oil designed to assist in the separation and disassembly of rusted mechanical assemblies. Protects hand tools and small machinery from corrosion. This product also keeps linkages, pivot arms and cables rust free, lubricated and smooth running.

Mp Uni Oil lubricates metal,  plastics or rubber moving parts. It  displaces moisture, and prevents corrosion. It  can be applied by spraying, brushing, dipping or dripping. It is easily removable by solvents  or alkaline degreasing.

  • Easy to apply
  • Less wear and tool failure
  • Minimum wear in tools
  • High film strength
  • Better piece finishing
  Mp Uni Oil
Appearance Oily
Colour Yellowish
Density @ 20 ºC, g/cm3 0.78
Viscosity @ 20 ºC, cSt 1.8
Flash point, ºC 52
Pour point, ºC -35


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