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Water Soluble Metalworking Fluids

In today’s high technology production facilities coolants play a key role and are a vital part of the production process. Mercury extensive  range of soluble metal working fluids provides a number of long lasting operational benefits. These include:

Reduce coolant use: Our soluble metalworking fluids are formulated by using the latest technology and raw materials resulting in a reduced consumption of coolants (drag out). This indirect saving contributes to an overall economical operation
Health, safety and environmental commitments: Our formulations allow users to reach their goals in the light of these issues
Trouble free operation: The latest technology and materials used in our products warrant trouble free operation which will increase your productivity and overall performance
Longer tool life: Outstanding EP properties will increase tool life and contribute to lower operational costs


Cutsol Syn Rvn no : 1

Synthetic soluble fluid for grinding and sharpening

Cutsol Syn is a water soluble fluid that forms green and stable solutions. Shows very good anticorrosive capacity from 2 %.

Cutsol Syn is suitable for all types of grinding applications and sharpening of ferrous metals. It can be used in internal and external grinding operations. Because of a lack of fat it does not dull the grinding wheel. Due to its transparency it is easy to see and follow the operation.


  • High anticorrosive capacity
  • Excellent swarf settling properties
  • High cooling properties
  • Economical in use
  • Does not smoke or burn
  • Rejects tramp oil
  • Exceptionally stable

Typical performance data – neat product

Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Brown-green
Storage, °C -5 - 45
Mineral oil content Nil
Phenols Free
Chlorine content Nil

Typical Performance Data – 3% emulsion (in tap water 20ºHF)

Appearance Transparent green
pH 9.2
Corrosion test IP-287 No corrosion
Foam No


Cutsol Syn is easy to mix, simply add to water and mix concentrate in the appropriate dilution. Sol Cutsol Syn is recommended between 3 - 5% for grinding

Dilutions can be easily checked by Refractometer:

% Concentration = Refractometer Reading x 2’5

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