mercury oils

Neat or Pure Metalworking Fluids

Mercury has an extensive range of neat metal working oils utilizing the very latest additive technology leading to increased efficiency, improved surface finishing and reduced consumption.


CR Sol Rvn no : 1

Cold rolling soluble oil

CR Sol is a soluble oil specially designed for steel cold rolling on multi-stand mills. It contains anti-wear additives that ensures longer life for rollers.

Appearance Amber liquid
Base oil type Napthenic
Specific gravity @ 20 °C, gr/ml 0.91
Flash point, °C 180
Pour point, °C -5
Saponification value, mg KOH/gr 115
Chlorine content Nil
Appearance emulsion 2% Milky
pH emulsion 2% 7.5

Mixing and use
CR Sol is easy to mix. Simply pour the concentrate into water at the appropriate solution and mix. CR Sol is used at a concentration of 2-5%. Recommended for water up to 300 ppm and chloride below 0,1 gr/l.

Dilutions can be easily checked:
a)         Refractometer: % Concentration = Refractometer Reading x 1
b)          Saturate solution of sodium chloride: Concentration =  % separated product

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