mercury oils

Miscellaneous Industrial Lubricants


MOAL 170 Rvn no : 1

Glass production lubricant

MOAL 170 is a special lubricating oil for  drop glass sliding deflectors or funnels used in bottle manufacturing.
MOAL 170 needs to be sprayed on funnels or deflectors for drop glass sliding.

MOAL 170 improves the sliding and therefore transit time of the glass drop.
To be kept under cover. If packages are kept at the open air, rainwater or moisture will contaminate the product. Lubricating oils and greases should not be exposed to sunlight or at low temperatures (frost).

Typical performance data

  Test method A5
Colour ASTM D1500 1.5
Density @ 15 °C, kg/dm3 ISO 12185 0.870
Flash point, COC, °C ISO 2592 180
Pour point, °C ISO 3016 -12
Kinematic viscosity @ 40 °C,  mm²/s, ISO 3104 22
Viscosity index ISO 2909 > 90
Carbon residue, Ramsbottom, %   0.10


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