mercury oils

Air Compressor Oils

From basic mineral based until the most exotic synthetic fluids can be found in this range of compressor fluids. Reliable, long life, superior oxidation stability, clean operation all key words concerning the performance of the range of Mercury compressor fluids.


Syncomp FG Rvn no : 1

PAO based high performance food grade compressor lubricant

Food-grade, non-toxic synthetic lubricants called Syncomp FG oils were created for all kinds of compressors used in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. Syncomp FG provides improved performance in very demanding applications, exhibits outstanding wear protection, rapidly separates from water and air, and so has the potential to always maintain a lubricating layer even in the most difficult situations. The fluid provides enhanced protection from internal wear and sludge development thanks to the most recent technology that incorporates ester oil, and it will clean from the inside and dissolve any formation from pump components. The same technique prolongs the life of the lubricant by improving heat regulation, reducing oxidation, and keeping the fluid in better condition. Additionally, Syncomp FG has greater oxidative stability, which results in longer drain intervals and less inclination to lacquer, as well as improved water separating ability to prevent lubricant failure.


Syncomp FG is appropriate for all sorts of compressors created to function in situations involving ISO 46 and ISO 68 oil viscosities. Especially appropriate for usage in rotary screw compressors. Purging the system of the old oil before recharging with Syncomp FG is crucial for best results.

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